Pharma, why listen to what doctors are saying on public social media?

By Katie Kennedy

Listening to what doctors say on public social media is useful for companies who want to learn from and interact with healthcare professionals. What you can learn through online HCP market research provides you with essential business intelligence.

For example; as a pharmaceutical company launching a new drug you might want to know what HCPs are currently discussing around your therapy area and  their opinions of your product/competitor products. Listening to HCPs’ conversations online allows you to understand instantly what doctors are thinking. The information you gather from monitoring their conversations enables you to ;

1) Get the right message to your customer  (know what information they are interested in, what concerns they have and what needs they are expressing so you can tailor your messaging to suit)
2) Identify the right stakeholders to engage with (analyse which HCPs are discussing your therapy area and brands and identify who your key digital opinion leaders are)
3) Build competitor analysis (see what HCPs are saying about your competitors)
4) Deliver your message via the right channel (identify which social media channels the HCPs you would want to interact with are using).
5) Monitor the impact of your marketing campaigns (see if your messaging is reaching HCPs and if they are discussing it online)

Healthcare professionals use social media to engage with each other

Healthcare professionals use social media to engage with each other

Watch the Creation Pinpoint video on how doctors are using social media

There are many ways in which you can use the business intelligence from this HCP market research. Watch the Creation Pinpoint video to understand how HCPs are currently engaging with each other on public social media and why being able to listen to what they are saying is so important to your brand strategy.

For a detailed presentation demonstrating Creation Pinpoint contact me on [email protected] or +44 7540 308370

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When not at work Katie enjoys being a mother to her two little girls, a dog, a cat, and a tortoise.