Product Launch Tracker: oncologists pleased with new options for lymphomas, lung cancer and urothelial cancer

06.06.2024 | Tracker

Product Launch Tracker: oncologists pleased with new options for lymphomas, lung cancer and urothelial cancer

Throughout May 2024 tracked the global conversations of 1,050 HCPs who posted 1,462 tweets about the launches and approvals of new products.

In May, 382 fewer online healthcare professionals (eHCPs) discussed treatment approvals than in April, publishing 36% fewer posts during that time.

On 16 May, HCPs shared news of the FDA’s accelerated approval for Amgen’s tarlatamab for extensive stage small cell lung cancer. Oncologists Christine Lovly and Misty Dawn

Shields said the news was “practice changing” and a “HUGE victory for SCLC”.


Besides these clear sentiments in words, there were a pair of exclamation marks from oncologist Aman Chauhan in his post and some select emojis (namely 🚨⭐🔥) from oncologists Rami Manochakian and Vivek Subbiah to show their feelings about the FDA decision. 

On the same day a CAR-T cell therapy, Bristol Myers Squibb’s liso-cel, was approved for follicular lymphoma and later in the month for relapsed/refractory mantle cell lymphoma. For the first approval oncologist Alan Skarbnik announced the news saying he was “happy to have another CAR-T option for our patients”. 

Its approval for mantle cell lymphoma was also met warmly as it is “great to have an option with less high-grade CRS and ICANS”, said academic haematologist Ajay Major.

When the European Commission approved Bristol Myers Squibb’s nivolumab in combination with cisplatin and gemcitabine for the first-line treatment of patients with unresectable or metastatic urothelial carcinoma two highly followed doctors, Yüksel Ürün, a medical oncologist in Türkiye and Tom Powles, an oncologist in the UK, immediately shared the news with their online network. Their two posts received hundreds of likes, comments and shares, especially Dr Powles’ as he used the opportunity to discuss treatment guidelines.

The three most shared stories from eHCPs discussing product launches in May were:

Each month, tracks the HCP conversation relating to new product launches.

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  • CREATION Pinpoint® listened to the discussions amongst online HCPs of pharmaceutical product launches and drug approvals between 1 May and 31 May 2024.  
  • The data included mentions of drug approvals by the FDA, EMA, NICE, and CHMP, as well as HCPs’ use of the phrase ‘drug approval’ in their tweets.
  • Between 1 and 31 May 2024, 1,050 online HCPs worldwide made 1,462 references to new pharmaceutical product launches and drug approvals. 


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