Regulation is Pharma’s Biggest Challenge, Says Research

By Daniel Ghinn

Information about regulation is at the top of pharma marketers’ wish list when it comes to digital marketing, according to research conducted by the organisers of DigiPharm Europe 2010 amongst delegates of last year’s conference.

Planning Europe’s largest pharma marketing conference

Creation Healthcare is working with the organisers of DigiPharm Europe 2010 conference, which takes place 28 September – 1st October in London and is set to be one of Europe’s primary events for digital engagement practitioners in pharmaceutical companies. We’re working together to plan a conference packed with highly relevant and current content, where new insights are shared and ideas are stimulated.

Surveying past delegates

As part of the research and planning process, delegates from last year’s successful DigiPharm Europe conference were asked about what matters to them most right now.

73% of respondents came from pharmaceutical and biotech companies, so the responses provide a good snapshot of what is on the mind of people in these industries.

Regulation is the biggest challenge

The outstanding majority of challenges faced by participants are in the area of regulatory, legal and compliance issues. Specific regulatory challenges identified included:

  • Concerns about lack of regulatory guidance
  • Fears about compliance issues
  • Uncertainty about what is possible within regulations

Other areas participants highlighted amongst their current challenges included envisioning internal colleagues about digital; measuring return on investment; and enabling two-way engagement through platforms such as social media.

Most admired pharma companies

Respondents also identified organisations they considered to be taking an innovative approach in digital marketing and online communication, that they would like to hear about. Amongst these were some of their peers in healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, including Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer.

Insights from outside pharma

Respondents also indicated they would like to hear insights from outside of the world of pharmaceuticals. This request certainly rings true with our own experience at Creation Healthcare, where we are seeing an increasing interest in lessons that can be learned from the strategies of other brands and organisations that are pioneering digital engagement.

Could you share your experiences?

We’re looking for people in pharmaceutical companies who are solving the challenges faced by pharma marketers, to speak and share their experiences with peers. If that sounds like you, why not get in touch and find out more about how you could get involved?

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