Respiratory tracker: eHCPs are excited about ‘game changing’ RSV vaccine trial results

23.04.2023 | Tracker

Respiratory tracker: eHCPs are excited about ‘game changing’ RSV vaccine trial results

By Emily Fletcher-Louis and Hannah Ghinn

Each month,’s respiratory tracking update brings you the latest insights into the online UK healthcare professional (eHCP) conversation regarding respiratory disease. 

​​Between 21 March and 20 April 2023, CREATION Pinpoint® tracked the online conversations of UK eHCPs discussing respiratory diseases. The average posts per day were slightly higher than the previous three months at 112 posts per day, totalling 3,354 posts. These posts were authored by 1,405 UK eHCPs. This month saw a slight increase in posts about pneumonia but a 67% decrease in posts about lung cancer compared to last month’s data.

Intensive care physician James Lynch posted the most frequently, sharing 81 posts. He had a particular interest in respiratory depression and also discussed pneumonia more than any other eHCP. 91% of his posts were in conversation with other eHCPs, who he educated and debated with.

eHCPs were most active on 21 March, when Asthma + Lung UK launched their #LungHealthLottery campaign. 44 UK eHCPs engaged with the campaign over the month, advocating for equality in access to respiratory healthcare. They shared posts from the charity alongside posts by influential figures such as local MPs.

On 5 April, Pfizer shared their positive phase 3 trial results of a bivalent prefusion F RSV vaccine in pregnancy. On the same day, Sanofi and AstraZeneca released trial results on nirsevimab for the prevention of RSV in infants. 44 eHCPs mentioned these ‘two fantastic RSV vaccine results.’ 

While 23% of these posts mentioned the two studies together, and 7% mentioned Sanofi’s on its own, 70% discussed Pfizer’s results. Of the 42 posts that discussed Pfizer’s results, 30 spoke about them being ‘exciting,’ ‘brilliant,’ or using other positive language. A paediatrician suggested that this might be ‘the beginning of the end for RSV bronchiolitis in all settings.’ 

The Paediatric Respiratory Conference was held on 18 April, and this generated discussion among several eHCPs, 68% of whom mentioned asthma. eHCPs were particularly interested in Christina Pearce’s research into ICS (inhaled corticosteroids) in asthmatic children and young people. She highlighted the importance of communicating about ICS use to children as well as to their parents. 

Each month, we track the eHCP conversation relating to respiratory disease.

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  • This article analysed the Twitter conversations of HCPs in the UK discussing respiratory disease and related terms between 21 March and 20 April 2023 using CREATION Pinpoint®.
  • Between 21 March and 20 April 2023, there were 3,354 UK eHCP mentions of respiratory disease and related terms, from 1,405 unique UK eHCP authors. 

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Emily Fletcher-Louis

Emily uses her research and analytic skills to uncover patterns and insights from healthcare professionals’ online conversations. Her training in philosophy ensures she is applying clear, logical thinking to the data.

Outside of, Emily loves cooking and travelling, and documenting her travels with photos and short films.

Hannah Ghinn

Having completed a degree in Psychology with Business in Wales, Hannah moved back to her hometown to join the graduate program working at She is excited to tell stories through data.

Hannah enjoys exploring new places, which she made the most of when living in Wales. She also loves animals and has fun training her dog, Ralf, to perform new tricks.

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