Respiratory Tracker: HCPs feel lack of support and funding hinders advancements in respiratory research

23.05.2024 | Tracker

Respiratory Tracker: HCPs feel lack of support and funding hinders advancements in respiratory research

Between 21 April and 20 May 2024, CREATION Pinpoint® tracked the conversations of UK online healthcare professionals (eHCPs) discussing respiratory diseases on X (Twitter). We analysed 2,141 posts discussing respiratory diseases by 962 eHCPs.

On World Asthma Day, HCPs emphasised the importance of empowering patients through comprehensive asthma education, enabling them to manage their condition more effectively. They highlighted the significance of the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) publishing a new evidence-based strategy, presenting updated guidelines to enhance patient care. 

For instance, respiratory consultant Aldrin Adeni called for urgent government action to prevent avoidable asthma-related deaths and improve overall health outcomes. The widespread engagement on social media, made up of 132 HCP posts using #worldasthmaday or #worldasthmaday2024, reflected HCP’s growing awareness and collective effort to address these critical issues. 

Some HCPs stated that despite the critical importance of respiratory medicine, only a small percentage of public funding is allocated to lung conditions. They called for greater funding for lung research in the UK to improve diagnosis and save lives, particularly in light of the nation’s high death rate from lung conditions.

Using the hashtag #FundRespiratoryResearch in 15 posts, HCPs highlighted barriers including a lack of political support and insufficient funding. They believe these are hindering advancements in respiratory research and the development of potential life-saving solutions. Additionally, HCPs shared a link from Asthma and Lung UK detailing “10 Priorities to Fix the UK Research Pipeline and the Nation’s Poor Lung Health,” further emphasising the need for action.

During the Association of Respiratory Nurses (ARNS) 2024 conference, the significant contributions of nurses in respiratory care were celebrated. Nurses received recognition for their exceptional work and crucial role in asthma management, from triage to treatment. Various outstanding contributions in respiratory nursing were acknowledged, and awards were presented to honour these achievements. Nurses were celebrated on #InternationalNursesDay for their commitment to improve lung health and for their unwavering dedication. 

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CREATION Pinpoint® was used to analyse 2,141 mentions on X from 962 HCPs in the UK discussing respiratory disease and related terms, between 21 April 2024 and 20 May 2024.

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