What HCPs are saying about Roche’s drug Gazyva?

By Katie Kennedy

KatieThe FDA recently approved Roche’s new drug Gazyva for the treatment of patients suffering from chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) . With the drug expected to be available in the US in the next 2 weeks you would expect to see a lot of HCP conversation around Gazyva taking place online. Georgiana Murariu, Creation Healthcare, used Creation PinPoint to look at what HCPs were saying about Gazyva.

Word cloud of HCP conversation about Roche's drug Gazyva

In this brief study Georgiana found that, within the community of HCPs discussing leukaemia-related topics on Twitter, the two main stories in recent weeks have been Gazyva’s FDA approval and the suspension of ARIAD Pharmaceuticals blood cancer drug Iclusig. Using Creation Pinpoint she was able to look into the conversations in more detail to find out exactly what HCPs were saying in relation to these stories.

From here she went on to look at where the conversation was taking place and found out that 85% of the twitter conversation was taking place in the US, which was to be expected given the FDA announcement. However, she also found a significant amount of interest amongst HCPs in Europe, South America & Asia. Creation Pinpoint also identified the top hashtags being used by HCPs to share this content which included #gazyva, #biotech and #CLL.

Being able to monitor HCP conversation as the drug starts to be prescribed within the US will be really useful to Roche in the coming months. We expect to see HCPs start to talk more about any questions or concerns they have regarding the drug so being able to address these issues ASAP will be essential.

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Katie Kennedy

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