Improving pharmaceutical marketing performance using big data solutions

By Paul Grant

The SMi Big Data in Pharma conference will be held in London from the 12th-13th May. 

It will be my personal privilege to address the attendees on “improving pharmaceutical marketing performance using big data solutions”, where I intend to examine some of the real-world tools and techniques that the Creation Healthcare analyst team has been developing and implementing to support pharmaceutical marketing departments in an ‘age of data’.We live in an exciting time, where the promise of real-time insights and potentially real-time response could deliver a right time, right place, right content approach – something which to date has been difficult for the pharmaceutical industry to bring to fruition – given the regulatory environment.

Yet, there are some basic business intelligence questions (and resulting answers) that we can investigate from existing data sets; insights which can transform the performance and return on marketing activities. This requires a proactive integration of our various data sets and streams of information.

Is it not possible for a pharmaceutical company to develop extra layers of customer understanding from behavioural and social analysis – in the same way that services such as NETFLIX are able to anticipate the next movie that you may wish to rent based on your viewing preferences and patterns of interest?

What if our medical information and communication tools were quickly and accurately adapted to address expressed areas of concern, as exhibited by physicians and other healthcare professionals?

The tools exist for such an approach, the technical constraints no longer hinder us, now it is time to think about the right big data strategy which can bring benefits to health organisations, practitioners, and ultimately the patients who benefit from informed health care.

This is the era of big data in Pharma – let’s see how we can make the most of it, and I hope to see you in London.
It is not too late to make sure you are there, where distinguished speakers will explore topics ranging from big data analytics, to comparative effectiveness research (CER), to individualised treatments, analysis of legacy clinical trial data, health economics and outcomes, as well as so much more.

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