Survey Illustrates Need for Robust Digital Governance

Creation Healthcare undertook a survey in October 2011, built on its proprietary approach to Digital Governance, to gauge how well highly regulated healthcare companies are addressing this critical issue.

Simply defined, Digital Governance refers to the approach a company takes to gaining control of its digital activities, in order to address the dual goals of reducing risk and increasing the return on its online and mobile investments.

According to marketers from various segments of the healthcare industry – including pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers and insurers – more can be done. Highlights of the survey results include:

  • We’re not sure who’s involved with our digital marketing activities.
    • Not a single respondent felt that he/she could identify every individual at their respective companies who is carrying out digital marketing
    • 12.5 per cent said they definitely could not name every individual
    • 87.5 per cent were unsure about the names of every individual
  • We’re not clear about our digital policies and procedures.
    • Nearly two-thirds of respondents were unsure about their organisation’s digital policies and procedures
    • 25 per cent said they cannot define their company’s policies and procedures at all
    • Just 12.5 per cent felt they understood their organisation’s policies and procedures
  • We need help assigning value to digital activities.
    • Nearly 30 per cent of respondents do not measure return on investment for their digital activities
    • The remaining 71.4 per cent only ‘somewhat agree’ that they measure ROI

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