By Will Moore

The New CREATION logo

Over the years the look and feel of CREATION has changed and evolved to suit the needs of both our clients and the industry we work in. Today we are proud to reveal the latest iteration of the CREATION brand – with a new logo, website and content platform upon which we look forward to building great content to support the work of those in the healthcare space.

Our Heritage

Before looking forward, it’s important to look back on our story and detail how we got here.

CREATION was born nearly two decades ago in 1998. Since that time we have advised some of the biggest and best names in healthcare, providing a range of services and products, all centred around adding value through engagement for the health and pharmaceutical industries.

In 2012 we developed CREATION Pinpoint in response to a client’s question about the views of online healthcare professionals. After beta testing with three major pharmaceutical brands revealed unique customer insights, the development of this exciting product, to hear and understand what healthcare professionals are saying online, became the core of our offering.

As Creation Healthcare, we had spent years educating and informing on how healthcare professionals were using the Internet and in latter years social media, and now we had the technology to support our great team.

Since 2013, the product has continued to see significant innovation and growth through our commitment to research and development and our in-house technology team.

With more than a million social media profiles worldwide, and more than a billion posts, CREATION Pinpoint leads the world in learning from healthcare professionals on public social media, to enable healthcare companies and organisations to be more effective.

Through CREATION Pinpoint, we now deliver studies for 70% of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, as well as global health organisations and academic bodies. Our research has thus far spanned over 180 countries and we have an ever-growing team of world-class experts in data analysis, healthcare, technology and marketing, as well as many international associate consultants who offer local knowledge to help serve our clients’ needs.

The Future

We have always pioneered at CREATION, be it with our technology or with our content and project execution, and so the new branding is a natural progression of that innovation.

The name CREATION is a focused version of what has gone before – bringing the heart of who we are to the core of our brand. Our new logo and website are an expression of our creativity, with a simple style that speaks of what we do. CREATION was created to create – to develop solutions that better allow our customers to hear and understand what is being said by healthcare professionals online.

The new logo device combines the organic nature of the creation process with the structure we bring to analysis of healthcare data. The centre of the logo has a sense of light, reflecting the light we hope to bring through our work.

You might previously have enjoyed reading content on some of our sister sites hcpdols.com and engagementstrategy.com. These sites have now been brought together in a new home that is CREATION Knowledge. This content platform collects our historical content and becomes the springboard from which our new insights and opinions will be shared.

CREATION Knowledge will be the definitive resource to find out about what healthcare professionals are saying online, and what their response has been to health related news.

We are excited to usher in this next phase of CREATION’s existence.

If you would like to find out more about us or would like to speak to us about a study with CREATION, please do get in touch.

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