An endocrinologist, nurse and paediatrician: the top 3 Spanish HCPs in type 1 diabetes

By Katie Kennedy

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CREATION specialises in studying healthcare professionals (HCPs) on social media throughout the world. With 22% of our data (over 110,000 HCP social media profiles) in Europe, and Spanish HCPs being one of the biggest contributors to social media conversations globally, we thought it could be interesting to analyse some of the top HCP contributors in Spain for one therapy area – diabetes.

Once our unique technology CREATION Pinpoint has identified the HCPs in Spain who are part of the discussion around diabetes, we use our 7 mathematically defined metrics to rank which ones are ‘digital opinion leaders’. We answer questions like: do they post relevant content, do they have a peer or public following, are they trusted among their HCP peers, are they active online, do they have public influence, how many social media channels are they on and, for clients, are they in existing relationships with you?

Studying Spanish HCP digital opinion leaders in diabetes

In a recent study we used CREATION Pinpoint to identify the top 3 healthcare professionals in Spain who were leading conversation around diabetes. Interestingly the top 3 consisted of an endocrinologist, a nurse and paediatrician – 3 different role types. Let’s take a closer look at our number one digital opinion leader: an endocrinologist called Cristina Tejera.Cristina, who is present on Twitter, LinkedIn and ResearchGate contributed 2544 times to the diabetes study which analysed Spanish HCP social media conversation around diabetes between 1st Nov 2015 – 31st October 2016. When we analyse her followers we see that over 600 of her 3423 followers are fellow healthcare professionals. The key topics she discussed within the study period were EASD2016, diabetesED and 2016 ADA. CREATION Pinpoint can be used to further investigate the conversation behind each of the identified main topics to get a better insight into what Cristina was actually discussing during these conferences.When we examine how Cristina engages with the other HCP digital opinion leaders identified in this study we see that she follows and is followed by the majority of them. It is interesting to note the way she engages with a variety of different role types including GPs, Cardiologists, Radiologists, Physiotherapists, Nutritionists and Diabetes Specialists which is something that might not necessarily happen in her everyday work in the real world.Our data suggests that Cristina is well connected and trusted in the Spanish diabetes online community and is extremely active during congresses such as EASD 2016 where she shares and promotes discussion around topics generated by the event.

With CREATION Pinpoint there is the possibility of investigating further to see which products she mentions, whether she is an advocate of these products or not, which sites she regularly uses to access news and information on diabetes topics, what type of resources she shares (video/infographics etc), and whether there are any particular needs or concerns she expresses which you may be able to assist with.

This level of insight can be used by those who support HCPs to better understand how and where to engage with them in order to provide useful resources that can improve the work of the HCP.

For free access to the full diabetes study this data was taken from visit: CREATION Pinpoint Spain HCP Talking Points in Type 1 Diabetes

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