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Transforming your pharma brand strategy: Building partnerships

By Luke Wilson

If you could learn about who HCPs engage with or who they are influenced by then you could build relationships and partnerships with organisations that are already established in HCPs’ trusted networks. 

Our study of HCP conversations about pancreatic cancer showed that HCPs were most engaged with their peers. Beyond other HCPs, however, patient advocacy groups (PAGs) were also highly engaged, with the top two being PanCAN and Let’s Win! Pancreatic Cancer. HCPs shared, mentioned and interacted with these groups, reflecting the trust that exists between them. The data suggests that manufacturers who successfully engage with these organisations in a meaningful way have the opportunity to reach HCPs too.

An example of successful digital engagement can be seen in Celgene’s initiative to launch a hashtag, #PancChat, together with patient advocacy group Let’s Win! Pancreatic Cancer’s co-founder Allyson Ocean, in 2016.

This hashtag continues to bring together patients and HCPs in an online conversation to this day; the chart below illustrates how #PancChat has been a key driver of the online HCP conversation around pancreatic cancer. Each orange dot indicates a #PancChat discussion which HCPs use to engage with one another, patients and PAGs.

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Meet the Author

Luke Wilson

Luke brings a design thinking perspective to our Marketing & Communications, working to keep CREATION’s brand presence and message front of mind to all key stakeholders. When he isn’t learning about fatherhood, Luke enjoys watching and playing football, being an over enthusiastic fan of Liverpool FC.

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