What are HCPs saying about Diabetes in the UK?

Diabetes affects 422million people worldwide and in 2014 alone it caused 1.5million deaths.

We investigated the views of online healthcare professionals (HCPs) regarding issues relating to diabetes, with a focus on type 1 diabetes. All data has been collected from HCPs from online open sources using CREATION Pinpoint®. This includes where HCPs quoted or re-posted non-HCP comments.

The presentation below includes:

  • What can we learn about specific unmet needs or interests among HCPs who talk about T1D online?
  • What HCP social media behaviours are working well?
  • How do patients feature in the HCP online conversation?
  • What are HCPs thoughts on the latest technologies and advancements in diabetes as well as the established treatments?
  • Who are are the top healthcare professionals online in this area?
  • An analysis of the top 3 healthcare professionals online

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