23.11.2020 | Tracker

UK HCPs celebrated new COPD patient charter on World COPD Day

By Laura Marsh

Each month, CREATION.co’s respiratory tracking update brings you the latest insights into the online UK healthcare professional (HCP) conversation regarding respiratory disease. You can find the most up to date insights, and the archive, on our Respiratory Tracker landing page.

This month, between October and November, the volume of UK HCP online conversation in respiratory disease generally remained below the average daily level (of 123 posts) from previous months. A significant spike above this average, however, can be seen in the chart below on 18 November, coinciding with World COPD Day.


UK HCPs used Twitter as a platform to celebrate World COPD day and raise awareness of the disease often using the hashtag #WorldCOPDday. The most frequently shared post amongst UK HCPs was originally from the Primary Care Respiratory Society, introducing this year’s theme ‘Living Well with COPD – Everybody, Everywhere’ and was shared by 10 HCPs in the UK.

The event organiser, Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD), says that this year’s aim was to send a positive message to both patients and providers that although COPD does not have a cure, there are many ways to actively live well. This theme was reflected in UK HCPs’ posts, with many sharing the newly launched COPD patient charter, which outlines 6 principles of great care that patients deserve and should expect from health providers.

The most active UK HCP author discussing this year’s World COPD Day was respiratory nurse consultant Karen Marshall (@KarenMarshall02), who reshared content from varying organisations and individuals, as well as posting her own content regarding a webinar on World COPD Day.

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  • This article analysed the Twitter conversations of HCPs in the UK discussing respiratory disease and related terms between 21 October and 20 November 2020, using CREATION Pinpoint®.
  • Between 21 October and 20 November 2020, there were 3,544 UK HCP mentions of respiratory disease and related terms, from 1,782 unique UK HCP authors. 

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