16.12.2020 | News

UK HCPs reassure children that Santa’s deliveries will continue without disruption during COVID-19

By Aaron Pitkin

As we near the end of 2020, UK healthcare professional (HCP) discussion of Christmas-related topics has again been steadily increasing.


While this is to be expected at the end of the year, 2020 has brought with it a unique kind of focus: Santa’s ability to deliver presents to children worldwide. With COVID-19 disrupting so much this year, good boys and girls everywhere may have started worrying. Fortunately, HCPs have stepped in to reassure children from a public health standpoint that Santa will be safe from harm this festive period.

The Clinical Director for Public Health Scotland, Dr Mary Black, noted the steps the Irish government have been making to ensure Santa’s deliveries are not deterred.

Following this example of proactive public communication, Dr Amir Khan confirmed that Santa would be a priority recipient of the new COVID-19 vaccine. In this way, HCPs have been able to calm public panic in two ways: firstly, by offering reasons that Santa’s deliveries will go on as normal, and secondly by encouraging those worried for the safety of Mr Claus.

Despite these special allowances that have been granted to the generous saint, many HCPs have still made effort to maintain the importance of good hygiene and proper PPE usage, even for magical elves.

ICU staff top HCP list of discussed Christmas artists 

Another topic of importance for UK HCPs was the Christmas music charts: in an interesting turn of events, the most discussed and shared Christmas artists discussed by HCPs in recent months have been fellow HCPs. In particular, the ICU Liberty Singers’ charity single pushed to the top of the list, with 248 HCP posts since September 30th 2020.

However, Christmas song discussion among HCPs was not limited to the promotion of charity singles: Some HCPs worked to reimagine popular Christmas hits in the post-pandemic era, whereas others have decided to revisit old holiday traditions.

As always, there were also HCPs who took the opportunity to turn the festive discussion into a learning opportunity for patients.

2020: A year for HCPs

In a year where HCPs worldwide have stepped up to communicate public health issues using online platforms at an unprecedented rate, it is valuable to know that their contribution does not stop at medical matters. By reassuring us in such a way, UK HCPs have only shown again how indispensable their insights and behaviours are for the general public as a whole.

Whether you’re having Christmas with friends, family, on your own or working, from the team at CREATION.co we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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