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Uptake of Twitter amongst HCPs in Argentina

By Lara Meyer

Uptake of Twitter amongst HCPs in Argentina

As one of the most developed broadband markets in South America, Argentina has an internet usage of close to 80% of its population. The use of social media is also on the rise according to Statista.com. Globally, healthcare professionals (HCPs) are becoming more active online, so we can expect to see HCPs in Argentina adopting social media.

Currently CREATION Pinpoint is tracking around 2,000 HCPs in Argentina, who have posted over 13 million times. At 32%, the largest proportion of HCPs in Argentina are based in Buenos Aires. When looking at the number of Argentinian HCPs on Twitter from 2008 to the present day, we can see that HCPs have steadily been taking up Twitter. The fastest uptake occurred in 2010, with about 500 HCPs joining twitter compared to about 200 HCPs a year over the rest of the period.

With this uptake among HCPs in mind, how much do they really use Twitter? Looking at the number of lifetime tweets that HCPs have on Twitter, more than 300 HCPs have tweeted over 10,000 times.

When taking a look at how many followers they have, around 600 of the 2,000 Argentinian HCPs have between 200 – 499 followers, with a further 600 HCPs ranging from 500 – 5,000+ followers.

Two top HCPs were identified, one based on how many followers they had and the other on how many tweets they had posted. We have developed 7 metrics to identify top HCPs, a topic we discuss in more detail in our Digital Opinion Leader series. The HCP with the most number of followers is Facundo Manes, a clinical neurologist, with over 243,000 followers. Facundo shares his passion for improving clinical and research standards in neurology and neuroscience.

The HCP with the most number of tweets is Mariana Lestelle in internal medicine with close to 160,000 lifetime tweets. Mariana shares advice on a number of general medical situations as well as on current medical news.

With the ever-growing data on Argentinian HCPs, now is the opportunity to start learning from what information they are sharing, what events they are discussing and what their opinions and concerns are. Tracking these unprompted conversations allows you to understand what HCPs are really thinking and to provide insights into what is important to them. To discover what you could learn from HCPs online in Argentina, get in touch and tell us what you would like to know or check out our free pharma whitepapers and webinars.


The header image was sourced from Flickr user Hernán Piñera, under creative commons licence.

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