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US HCPs have tweeted 278M times, and they’re not stopping

By Daniel Ghinn

US HCPs have tweeted 278M times, and they're not stopping

Since 2012 we have been analysing the conversations of healthcare professionals (HCPs) online and have seen an increase in the number of HCPs using social media.

We recently shared data on the growth of HCPs joining Twitter, from CREATION’s analysis of more than 600,000 verified HCP Twitter profiles worldwide. In that analysis we broke down data at a global and US level, and we showed data on US oncologists.

Charting 278M tweets from US HCPs over time

We also wanted to show how the conversation among HCPs keeps growing. So here’s one more chart, showing the cumulative number of tweets posted by HCPs in the US, ever.

…and oncologists in the US have tweeted >2M times

Drilling down into tweets posted by oncologists in the US, we see that they were a little slower to get started but have rapidly gained traction, having posted more than 2 million tweets:

Collective intelligence from HCPs helps us all learn

The online conversations of HCPs on social media provide a unique wealth of collective intelligence from those on the front lines of patient care. By analysing the conversations of physicians, nurses and pharmacists we are able to discover what HCPs think about anything at all.

We have just launched a study, for example, into US HCP perspectives on pancreatic cancer. The report includes insights into testing and diagnosis, treatment and also profiles the HCPs who are most influential in shaping the online conversation.


For notes on our methodology, see the original post about HCPs on Twitter.

To date we have analysed more than 1.3bn HCP tweets and are tracking more than 1.6M HCP profiles across multiple social media platforms. You can read how we use the collective intelligence of HCPs all over the world to discover what healthcare professionals think about anything, at CREATION Knowledge.

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