What healthcare professionals say about Christmas

By Daniel Ghinn

What healthcare professionals say about Christmas

This year’s CREATION Christmas card features a few fun highlights from our data on healthcare professionals’ online conversations. We analysed 139,170 mentions of Christmas among healthcare professionals on public social media, in English and Spanish languages, during a one-year period to November 2016.

During the one-year period in our mini-study, 57,264 healthcare professionals (HCPs) mentioned Christmas. Male HCPs talked less than their female peers about Christmas – Tweets and posts from male HCPs made up just 36% of all HCP mentions, whereas female HCPs contributed 64% of mentions of Christmas.

One HCP stood out for his sheer volume of posts about Christmas: singing paramedic @paramedgraham posted about Christmas more than any other HCP, sending Christmas greetings and spreading the word about his Christmas songs. With 669 mentions of Christmas, we have featured Graham as the “most Christmassy HCP” on our Christmas card.

The big story in HCP posts about Christmas, however, was Justin Bieber. Or rather, not Justin Bieber, since our data shows that the NHS Choir was mentioned more than 30% more than the popular star. Even Justin Bieber himself mentioned NHS Choir on 23rd December when he urged support for the choir’s single, which went on to take the 2015 Christmas number one song spot.

In a break from social media, we’re posting out a few copies of the card by old-fashioned Royal Mail from the team at CREATION, but for those of you who couldn’t wait (or you’re not on our Christmas card list yet), we wanted to share the card, which was created by our Design Thinker Luke Wilson.

Whatever you’ll be tweeting about this Christmas, we take this opportunity to wish you hope, peace and joy.

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