What market research professionals need to know about Creation Pinpoint

By Katie Kennedy

Creation Pinpoint is a relatively new service for pharma market research professionals – we just celebrated our one year anniversary – so you can be forgiven if you work in this area but haven’t heard of us yet. We provide over 30 brands in Europe with market research focused on healthcare professional conversations taking place on public social media. If you haven’t heard what our services can offer then it’s time to catch up quickly, before your competitors have the advantage.


Video: HCP online market research

Creation Pinpoint Movie: Turning HCP online conversation into valuable market research

How Creation Pinpoint can help pharma with HCP market research

We recently put together a 4 minute video showing you all you need to know about how Creation Pinpoint works;

–       How we are able to distil the voice of the HCP from all the other conversation taking place online

–       How we use over 16 years industry experience to turn the data into real strategic insights

–       Why you need to monitor what healthcare professionals are saying on public social media

–       How HCP insights can lead to strategic decision making by brand teams

It is important to understand what technology is out there for you to utilize and benefit from in your role. So please take 4 minutes of your time to understand how Creation Pinpoint works and how our insights can also benefit your brand.


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Meet the Author

Katie Kennedy

Katie has a background working within health organisations and continues to champion the work we do at CREATION.co amongst our current and future clients.

When not at work Katie enjoys being a mother to her two little girls, a dog, a cat, and a tortoise.