What will we learn from online conversations between oncologists?

By Daniel Ghinn

On HCPDOLs.com we have been documenting the rise in healthcare professionals’ use of social media over recent years and learning from their public posts. We’ve learned about doctors’ views on disease areas, public health matters and health policy. Our research has been led by the team at Creation Healthcare using technologies including Creation Pinpoint, our proprietary platform for analysing online HCP posts and conversations.

One thing we’ve found in all our analysis of social media activity is that while we have studied millions of posts, comments and updates from healthcare professionals online, many of the most interesting insights come from individual conversations between specific specialists taking place in public.

Imagine if you had a room full of 1,000 oncologists from all over the world, talking about what was on their mind. It would be a noisy room! Even with Creation Pinpoint, which isolates only the voice of healthcare professionals in public social media, we’re tracking hundreds of thousands of physician tweets and posts every day.

So a new innovation unveiled at last week’s Health2.0 Europe Conference in Barcelona, the Creation Pinpoint Oncology Project, focuses on those interactions between individual oncologists who tweet directly at, or in response to, another oncologist.


The Creation Pinpoint Oncology Project shows which oncology peers an individual oncologist is most referenced by

The platform, which is being made available to selected oncologists in a beta program, tracks conversations as they occur. So even as I demonstrated the technology at last week’s unveiling, new conversations about treatment approaches were emerging.

As Indu Subaiya and Matthew Holt kicked off the 6th Annual Health 2.0 Europe conference in Barcelona with a look at the latest health IT news in the EU, they referenced the Creation Pinpoint Oncology Project as an example of how the health2.0 movement has changed our use of content has changed.

Health 2.0 Europe Creation Pinpoint

…this is an example by Creation Healthcare where they’re taking the conversations of physicians in social media and repurposing it and representing it graphically, to create new insights”, said Indu Subaiya, Health 2.0’s CEO.

It’s an exciting time for our oncology research and I look forward to sharing insights as we discover them. Meanwhile you can read more about the Creation Pinpoint Oncology Project and what it means for oncologists and health researchers over on Creation Pinpoint.

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