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By Daniel Ghinn

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We’re often asked where in the world Creation Pinpoint is monitoring conversations between doctors. The answer is, virtually everywhere. So just for fun, we’ve taken the raw data from Twitter ‘location’ fields as published by healthcare professionals in Creation Pinpoint, and produced this word cloud showing the most popular locations.

Locations of doctors in social media, from Creation Pinpoint

Locations of doctors in social media, from Creation Pinpoint

The word cloud gives a sense of the most popular places where healthcare professionals are using Twitter, but should be interpreted with an understanding of just how tricky geography can be in social media. In Twitter, for example, the location field is free text, so a user might enter their place of work, city, region, country, or anything at all. Among the words in the cloud above are ‘somewhere’ and ‘everywhere’ – yes, we do find humour among doctors in social media too!

Although many words are just too small to read in the word cloud – and we only included the top 1,000 locations – the range of geography covered by Creation Pinpoint is clear, spanning every region of the world. Can you find your region?

When we implement regional or local studies with Creation Pinpoint, we typically include worldwide data which we then filter down to local activity. This ensures that we don’t miss the extensive international engagement we see taking place among healthcare professionals, and that those who have chosen not to publish their location are not lost either.

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