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Why it’s important to Keep Learning

By Anni Neumann

Why it’s important to Keep Learning

I have learned a lot over the last three years.

My professional background before joining the team at CREATION.co was working within pharma. I led product launches, I was hands-on with production site issues, I established new business partners all over the world and was involved in brand strategies. Yet in all of this, I had not heard about gaining insight from analysing the conversations of healthcare professionals (HCPs) online! Oh yes, I had to learn a lot in that particular field and if you are interested in my learning journey, you can read a blog post on my first 6 months of working at CREATION.

One of CREATION.co’s core values is ‘Keep Learning’. We are committed to learning and growing as individuals and as a team. This is great, as we keep looking out for opportunities where we can grow and encourage each other to do the same.

It is also just as important that we help facilitate learning within our industry, with our clients and those we may work with in the future. We often present at events, producing informative webinars and white papers, and recently we have seen an increased demand for educational workshops.

We design these sessions together with our clients to meet their individual needs. This may be simply to show that there is a complementary approach to market research or to highlight the differences between filtering to the HCP only conversation over conventional social media listening, which pulls in everything. We may highlight the importance of digital tactics and how online HCP insights could be used or just share evidence that HCPs are online, showing there is so much information out there that could be used for different strategies.

In these sessions, we may include:

1. Why HCPs are using social media!

In this interview, Daniel Ghinn, CEO, CREATION.co, asks Dr. Ocean about how social media empowers her work as a doctor specializing in pancreatic cancer.


2. Why congress is such a key time for HCPs on social media

We discuss how the healthcare industry can prepare for great congress. Here we identified the top Twitter authors mentioned by healthcare professionals during IAS2019.

3. How and why it is important to know who the Digital Opinion Leaders are.

Here is a map showing the global Twitter following of 1,942 healthcare professionals in the North East of England.

I have run these sessions all over the world and it has been great to stimulate ideas and start group discussions. We encourage teams to think beforehand about challenges and opportunities they have which could be supported by a better understanding of HCP opinions. We facilitate discussions and create an environment where everyone gets the chance to ask questions, raise concerns and share ideas. We also show what is possible from this type of research and give examples of what others in the healthcare industry are doing. These sessions always lead to positive collaboration between colleagues as they inspire each other to think about new possibilities.

There is so much value when we Keep Learning across the industry. In our tracking of the conversations of HCPs talking about pancreatic cancer in October, we saw that the shifting landscape highlighted a need for regular educational content for HCPs and patients. Novartis recently posted on LinkedIn about the importance of being curious, writing “Have an open mind. Be obsessive about learning new things. Keep asking questions”. Yes, this is exactly it!

If you would like us to come and share our experience, to encourage your colleagues or team and stimulate great discussion to discover what is possible by listening to the online conversations of HCPs, please do get in touch with me at [email protected], or check out our free online resources, and Keep Learning.

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Anni Neumann

Anni has spent over 10 years working in the pharmaceutical sector and has been part of various global efforts to support healthcare and the pharma industry relationships. She is an award winning consultant with expertise on enabling cross functional pharmaceutical teams to add value to their health stakeholder communities.

Anni is part of a ladies chamber choir and being married to a chef she also enjoys very, very good food.