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Katie Kennedy

Katie has a background working within health organisations and continues to champion the work we do at CREATION.co amongst our current and future clients. When not at work Katie enjoys being a mother to her two little girls, a dog, a cat, and a tortoise.

Articles by Katie Kennedy

30.06.2021 | Article

Examples of positive change in pharma due to COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the education level about vaccines in general.

By Katie Kennedy

14.04.2021 | Article

Add value to engage effectively with your Digital Opinion Leaders

identify where, and how, a Digital Opinion Leader is influential online...

By Katie Kennedy

29.03.2021 | Article

The difference between DOLs and KOLs and why it matters to pharma

Key Opinion Leaders vs Digital Opinion Leaders

By Katie Kennedy

06.01.2021 | Article

If you already have a healthcare social listening tool why implement another…

Creation Pinpoint, a niche social media monitoring tool for pharmaceutical companies

By Katie Kennedy

17.11.2020 | Article

4 reasons to use social media listening in your HCP market research

Healthcare professionals conversations online provide insights that enhance market research

By Katie Kennedy

14.10.2020 | Article

14 ways pharma can engage HCP Digital Opinion Leaders

How to engage your HCP Digital Opinion Leaders

By Katie Kennedy

17.05.2019 | Article

Business as usual for HCP social intelligence

As the number of pharmaceutical brands involved in healthcare professional (HCP)

By Katie Kennedy

26.07.2017 | Article


Nuestros clientes a menudo nos preguntan cuáles son las similitudes o diferencias que...

By Katie Kennedy

06.12.2016 | Article

An example of an HCP digital opinion leader

When profiling healthcare professional digital opinion leaders (those who are leading...

By Katie Kennedy

15.11.2016 | Article

Top 10 questions we are asked the most

One part of our work at CREATION is helping our clients understand which healthcare...

By Katie Kennedy

03.11.2016 | Article

Are your HCP digital opinion leaders in non-traditional roles?

Healthcare professional digital opinion leaders (DOLs) are healthcare professionals...

By Katie Kennedy

29.02.2016 | Article

HCPs In Public Social Media

As the digital age has transformed the way people and organizations communicate, bringing...

By Katie Kennedy

16.02.2016 | Article

How many of your Key Opinion Leaders are also Digital Opinion Leaders?

For many Pharma brands there is a new research need to understand more about the digital...

By Katie Kennedy

03.03.2015 | Article

Discover how to support nurses using online market research

Over the last few years we have seen some great examples of pharmaceutical companies...

By Katie Kennedy

02.03.2015 | Article

How pharmaceutical companies engage nurses online

With nurses being among the most digitally engaged healthcare professionals on social...

By Katie Kennedy

06.01.2015 | Article

How many of your Key Opinion Leaders are also Digital Opinion Leaders?

A common question we are asked by brand or product managers is,  “are my KOLs online...

By Katie Kennedy

27.10.2014 | Article

Use social media insights to locate healthcare professional customers

Over the last few years we have seen the pharmaceutical industry cautiously embracing social

By Katie Kennedy

07.10.2014 | Article

Social media market research prevents loss of market share to competitors

For pharma and healthcare companies there are important times during your product’s...

By Katie Kennedy

05.09.2014 | Article

Trends in HCP social media usage and how pharma is responding to…

One of the trends in HCP social media usage over the last few years has been healthcare...

By Katie Kennedy

11.08.2014 | Article

Creation Healthcare’s CEO Daniel Ghinn makes PharmaVoice top 100 entrepreneurs list

I am proud to say that our very own CEO Daniel Ghinn was recently announced as one of the...

By Katie Kennedy

07.08.2014 | Article

Thinking about a social media strategy for your pharma brand? Do your…

We all know that, as a heavily regulated industry, it has not been easy for pharma...

By Katie Kennedy

18.07.2014 | Article

Why ongoing HCP social media monitoring can avert disaster for your brand

HCP social media monitoring is like having permanent access to a market research focus...

By Katie Kennedy

16.05.2014 | Article

Creation Pinpoint partners with Doctors 2.0 & You

We are pleased to announce our forth-coming partnership with the Doctors 2.0 & You...

By Katie Kennedy

13.05.2014 | Article

What market research professionals need to know about Creation Pinpoint

Creation Pinpoint is a relatively new service for pharma market research professionals...

By Katie Kennedy

25.04.2014 | Article

How can you isolate the voice of the healthcare professional on public…

Being able to only access the thoughts and opinions of the healthcare professional on...

By Katie Kennedy

16.04.2014 | Article

Pharma, why listen to what doctors are saying on public social media?

Listening to what doctors say on public social media is useful for companies who want...

By Katie Kennedy

10.04.2014 | Article

Social media crucial to the work of healthcare professionals

Healthcare professionals are increasingly using social media sites like podcasts, blogs...

By Katie Kennedy

19.02.2014 | Article

Using social media monitoring in your market research

I recently attended a conference on social media in the pharmaceutical industry and heard...

By Katie Kennedy

12.02.2014 | Article

How healthcare professionals are discussing non small cell lung cancer on public…

We recently used Creation Pinpoint to do a study into how doctors are talking about non...

By Katie Kennedy

30.01.2014 | Article

Identify potential Digital Opinion Leaders who are currently offline

It is important to remember that there are still a number of HCPs who are not yet...

By Katie Kennedy

17.07.2013 | Article

9 things pharma can do better with social media monitoring

Some of the people I have been speaking to in pharma over the last few months know that...

By Katie Kennedy

06.06.2013 | Article

Social Media Monitoring in Market Research

In the digital age, traditional market research is still an important tool in gaining...

By Katie Kennedy