CREATION.co win Chair’s Award: Best Response to COVID-19 with Frontline.Live at BOBI Awards

By Victoria Donougher

Last night in London, CREATION.co won gold with Frontline.Live for their PPE campaign at the BOBI Awards, in the category “Chair’s Award: Best Response to COVID-19”.

The BOBI (Best Of Business Intelligence) Awards were created by the BHBIA to recognise excellence across the healthcare business intelligence spectrum. About this award, they said “COVID-19 has forced us to adapt the ways that we live, work and interact in society.

The BHBIA are incredibly proud of the creativity and tenacity our members have shown in continuing to generate insight through the different channels available to us during these challenging times. We are delighted to support this year’s ‘Chair’s Award’.”

In March 2020, when PPE ran short, 35,000 UK HCPs descended on Twitter to cry for help. Frontline.Live’s volunteers built an open source, decentralised, rapid-response platform to keep them safe. But despite huge support from the national media, it wasn’t enough to deal with the complexity of the crisis.

CREATION.co, had already been tracking the growing online HCP conversation about COVID-19 using CREATION Pinpoint. They were seeing significant concern about PPE shortages in the conversations taking place among doctors, nurses and other health workers. CREATION.co’s team provided analysis of live social data, identifying key influencers and spotting hot topics, to ensure communications were laser focussed to get the message to exactly the right places.

The result was over 500,000 units of PPE delivered across the UK to those who needed it desperately.

Daniel Ghinn, CEO of CREATION.co, said: “We were delighted to work with Katz and the team at Frontline.Live. We are involved with delivering some of the most exciting data-led insights to teams around the world that are driving strategic decisions within global healthcare. And working with Frontline.Live was no different – although a small group of volunteers, we still leveraged data insights to deliver real-time solutions to enable a huge improvement in healthcare provision. The results the team delivered were outstanding.”

Notes about CREATION.co

CREATION.co provides insights and consulting to inform health strategy, communications and policymaking among some of the world’s largest healthcare companies, government organisations and NGOs.

This is made possible through CREATION Pinpoint®, the world’s only AI-powered global database of more than 3 million healthcare professionals’ social media profiles, analysing the collective intelligence of almost 2 billion social media posts by professionals on the front lines of healthcare.

Notes about Frontline.Live

Frontline.Live is an open source, decentralized tool built by volunteers to support healthcare professionals (HCPs) on the frontline. It empowered them to report their PPE needs via Twitter or the Frontline.Live website. That need would be displayed on a digital map showing where the need was real time, so suppliers of PPE could get them what they needed fast.

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