Creation Pinpoint® showcased in first-ever live demo at Health 2.0 Europe, London

A CREATION Press Release

Unique dashboards showing insights into doctors’ views on diabetes presented by Creation Healthcare’s CEO Daniel Ghinn

London, November 18th, 2013 — Ground breaking technology, invented by Creation Healthcare, which enables healthcare organisations to understand the opinions of doctors in public social media was showcased today in its first ever live-demo at Health 2.0 Europe, London.

Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Ghinn, was invited by Health 2.0 to demonstrate Creation Pinpoint, which he launched earlier this year, at a session titled “The New Role of Pharma in Improving Outcomes.”

Creation Healthcare developed original research especially for the conference tracking the views of healthcare professionals on public social media on diabetes.  From the 38,000 online mentions of the disease from August to November 2013, the 923 comments (2.4%) posted in English around the world made by doctors, consultants, nurses and pharmacists were isolated.

Daniel Ghinn demonstrated how Creation Pinpoint® is able to identify specific blogs, forums and other social media channels being used by healthcare professionals to talk about a drug, treatment, therapy area or policy.  The demonstration illustrated the relative share of voice for individual drugs and pharmaceutical companies.  It also showed how Creation Pinpoint® analyses the individual and collective views of GPs and identifies influential healthcare professionals or “Digital Opinion Leaders.”

The panel was hosted by Matthew Holt, Co-Chairman, Health 2.0 and included John Pugh, who leads the Global Digital Innovation Team at Boehringer Ingelheim and Marc Southern, Head of Digital Health at Fleishman Hillard.  In a discussion following Daniel Ghinn’s presentation, John Pugh praised the work and said that leveraging Creation Pinpoint® would be “valuable for us.”

Daniel Ghinn said: “Creation Pinpoint® is the only service which gives a completely distilled and comprehensive view of what doctors, consultants, nurses and pharmacists are saying about medicines, treatments and therapy areas in public social media.  This can help healthcare organisations understand what is important to healthcare professionals and they can then use this analysis to drive tactics or brand strategy.”



Notes to Editors:

Creation Healthcare is the research and training consultancy to the healthcare industry for the digital age, advising the world’s largest pharmaceutical and healthcare organisations. Established in 1998, the company has been at the forefront of innovation in healthcare engagement for sixteen years with a global consultant team spanning 20 countries.  Creation Healthcare’s headquarters are in London, United Kingdom.  www.creationhealthcare.com.

To see the presentation visit: http://www.health2con.com/tv/creation-interactive-the-new-role-of-pharma-in-improving-outcomes/