Flu vaccine tops discussion by doctors in World Immunisation Week

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New research examines 3,000 tweets by healthcare professionals worldwide in 13 languages

LONDON, May 2, 2014 — The influenza vaccine was the vaccine most talked about by healthcare professionals (HCPs) during “World Immunisation Week” according to new research by Creation Healthcare.

The theme for the World Health Organization campaign for 2014 was immunising for a healthy future with immunisation estimated at preventing two to three million deaths a year although one in five children misses out.1

Using Creation Pinpoint®, analysts studied 2,853 tweets in 13 languages by HCPs worldwide from 24-30 April 2014 to see what doctors, nurses, consultants and pharmacists were saying about vaccination over the six day campaign.

The most active HCPs on Twitter talking about immunisation were:

  • USA: 51.6% of mentions (1471)
  • Canada: 8% of mentions (228)
  • UK: 7.5% of mentions (213)
  • Spain: 5.6%  of mentions (161)
  • Venezuela: 5.2% of mentions (149)
  • Australia:  4.2% of mentions (121)

The top vaccines HCPs discussed the most during “World Immunisation Week” were:

  • Flu/Influenza:  3.2% of mentions (90)
  • Chickenpox:  2.6% of mentions (75)
  • HPV: 1.9% of mentions (53)
  • MMR: 1.2% of mentions (34)

The main topic for discussion was the vaccination of children with 506 mentions (18%).  Subjects included how millions of children are being saved by vaccines and how vaccines prevent disease and are encouraged.


  1. http://www.who.int/campaigns/immunization-week/2014/en/

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