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80 million+ sources of data

CREATION Pinpoint uses leading social monitoring technology to track over 80 million different sources of data, from social media like Twitter, Linkedin, and Google+, to industry blogs, mainstream news outlets and even consumer titles.

1 million+ HCP social media profiles

Our technology uses structured search patterns to identify healthcare professionals online, all of which are then validated by a team of analysts, meaning that the profiles listed are 99.9% accurate.

How can CREATION help you?

HCP Market Research

Get insights that would not usually be available in your primary market research, by listening to the unprompted conversations of healthcare professionals about any topic on social media. With a CREATION Pinpoint HCP Market Research study, your business questions will inform our analysis of healthcare professionals’ views, giving you quantitative and qualitative evidence to inform your strategies.

HCP Digital Behaviours

When planning for digital engagement, it helps to know which channels and sites are preferred by healthcare professionals who discuss your therapy areas. A CREATION Pinpoint HCP Digital Behaviours study will illustrate how doctors, nurses, pharmacists in your field are behaving online so that you can engage them at precisely the right place and time.

Digital Opinion Leaders

Discover which healthcare professionals are shaping the views of others on topics that matter to you. A CREATION Pinpoint HCP Digital Opinion Leaders analysis will identify key influencers and provide you with detailed profile information including personal networks of influence, topics of interest and needs, so that you can understand the online impact of any individual healthcare professional upon their peers.

HCP Issue Tracking

Play a proactive role during an emerging campaign or communications crisis by being the first to know how healthcare professionals are reacting. A CREATION Pinpoint HCP Issue Tracking study provides you with options including live HCP conversation dashboards and emailed alerts so that you can help shape the emerging story; and afterwards, a post-crisis evaluation report to help you apply learnings.