11.01.2023 | Article

The Top Pharma Events in 2023

2023 will see almost 90% of the events within the pharma industry being held in person

By Natalie Verghese

10.01.2023 | Press Release

Mary Fletcher-Louis joins leading eHCP Insights Consultancy

CREATION.co is delighted to announce that Mary Fletcher-Louis has joined the team as COO

05.01.2023 | Article

Top 50 Pharma Tracker: HCPs celebrate the Moderna and Merck combination melanoma…

The 5 companies mentioned the most by HCPs were Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson....

By Francesca Gan

21.12.2022 | Article

Respiratory tracker: HCPs advocate for Advanced Practitioners and COVID readiness

The most shared post among UK HCPs focused on GP access within the NHS

By Mark Sullivan

18.12.2022 | Article

Top 50 Pharma Tracker: HCPs actively discussed issues concerning mRNA and bivalent…

In Nov 2022 there was a 22% decrease in HCP pharma mentions from the previous month

By Francesca Gan

16.12.2022 | Webinars

How to make the most of your medical congress investment

Discover 10 congress maximizers from eHCP insights prior to, during and post congress...

By Mary Fletcher-Louis and Daniel Ghinn

16.12.2022 | Article

NHS strikes: What do HCPs think of Industrial Action

"Strike action is a last resort. But it can be a powerful tool for change." - RCN

By Mark Sullivan

16.12.2022 | Article

Product Launch Tracker: HCPs discuss first drug to delay type 1 diabetes…

In Nov. 2022 HCPs discussed treatments for multiple myeloma, gene therapy and diabetes.

By Paul Cranston

Header Image for CREATION.co research on RSV

08.12.2022 | Article

HCPs take front row seat to the Pharma race for an RSV…

The early data findings of the RSV Vaccine by pharma companies is drawing HCPs' interest...

By Mary Kangley

29.11.2022 | Article

KOLs and DOLs – the same or not the same? That is…

Are KOLs, active online KOLs, and DOLs the same. The answer is usually no!

By Anni Neumann

24.11.2022 | Article

New psilocybin data kicks off positive US HCP online conversation

Psilocybin is one the hottest new arrivals in the use of psychedelics in the medical setting

By Jamie Doggett

24.11.2022 | Article

Respiratory tracker: HCPs discuss “Your Lungs for Life” campaign, ways to reduce…

This month the conversation by HCPs online on respiratory disease decreased by 920 posts

By Mark Sullivan