Use cases for Direct Customer Intelligence

CREATION helps healthcare companies throughout the product life cycle.

Discover how our unique healthcare professional insights will help you when:

Launching a new product or indication

When you are planning to launch a new pharmaceutical product, understanding your healthcare professional customers’ views and perceptions as they treat patients will tell you how they feel about patient needs, emerging treatments and systems of care. How you use those insights will depend on whether you are launching a ‘first in class’ product in a major disease area, a new entrant to a competitive existing market, or a unique treatment for a rare disease.

At CREATION we have been part of client success stories in each of these scenarios, all over the world. Here is how we will help you with your product launch:

New entrants changing your market

When your product’s position in the market is disrupted by new entrants, you need to plan well in advance to understand the potential effect on your customers. When physicians see data on comparative treatments, understanding how they think this data will change their behaviour could be essential for you to plan messaging that could ensure your product’s survival.

If it is your product that is expected to disrupt an existing market, you have the opportunity of planning proactively using direct customer intelligence to ensure that you know which of your product’s specific benefits healthcare professionals care most about.

During the disruption of your market by new entrants, your priorities are likely to include:

  • Knowing what healthcare professionals value about your product, and what their unmet needs are.
  • Understanding how healthcare professionals are reacting to data on comparative or competitive treatments, and how they perceive the benefits of new entrants to the market.
  • Discovering how you can add value beyond the treatment itself, to strengthen customer loyalty by enabling healthcare professionals to achieve better outcomes.

If your product is the disruptor to an existing market, you will have similar priorities but with an emphasis on growing market share by addressing currently-unmet customer needs.