On-demand Webinar:360˚ View of HCP Opinions

How To Leverage Integrated Data In Private And Public Healthcare Professional Social Networks To Develop Market Research Insights

As the behaviours of healthcare professionals (HCPs) are changing in the digital age, some pharmaceutical companies are adapting their tactics by learning from customers’ online conversations.

Access to HCPs’ online conversations in private and public networks enables innovative brand teams to produce insight-led customer engagement. This webinar will help you understand and utilise the different HCP trends and behaviours seen on public and private networks.

In the webinar you will discover:

  • What’s the difference between a public and private network?
  • How do doctors’ activities and behaviours vary in the two settings?
  • What can pharmaceutical leaders learn from comparing doctor conversations?
  • Which HCP specialties are the most active online in public and private networks?
  • How can you improve your HCP strategy through learning from their online conversations?

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