Webinar: The beginner's guide to how HCPs use Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and LinkedIn

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Mary Fletcher-Louis, COO and Head of Consulting, CREATION.co 

Mary Kangley, Health Insights Consultant, CREATION.co

The way in which healthcare professionals (HCPs) utilise social media channels to engage and collaborate is constantly evolving as new platforms emerge and current ones develop. Understanding your HCP customers’ behaviours online enables you to ensure your HCP digital engagement activities resonate.

In this webinar we explore the different behaviours HCPs display on social media platforms Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We give recommendations on what this means for pharmaceutical companies and how they can support and engage with their HCPs on these channels.

In the webinar you will discover:

  • What are HCPs’ latest behaviours on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and LinkedIn?
  • What type of content do eHCPs post on each platform?
  • How does behaviour and content differ by demographic, geography and therapy area? 
  • How is the pharmaceutical industry engaging and using Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and LinkedIn?

This free-for-pharma on-demand webinar is useful for anyone in a pharmaceutical company who wants to learn from HCPs’ use of social media and identify ways of engaging HCPs in a meaningful way. 

If you already have a good understanding of what is possible when listening to the conversations of HCPs online then please let us know your particular area of interest to inform a free personalised 1-on-1 discussion with one of our consultants.

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