Webinar: CREATION.co’s guide to identifying and tackling health misinformation on social media

When: Thursday 22 June 2023, 10am EDT (New York), 3pm BST (London), 4pm CEST (Paris)

Availability: Free for Life Sciences Companies

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Jamie Doggett, Associate Director of Insight, CREATION.co 

Francesca Gan, Insights Analyst, CREATION.co 


Communication has always been a vital component of public health strategy; however, social media has democratised it such that we are experiencing an “infodemic”. This makes it very challenging for stakeholders to discern which messages are true. 

Using various channels, HCPs play a powerful role in amplifying truth within their online follower networks on social media and can play a vital role in helping to address misinformation and fake news.

As such, analysing the online conversation will identify potentially dangerous fake news events relevant to your products and enable you to plan an appropriate intervention or response.

In this webinar you will discover:

  • The impact of medical misinformation
  • How you can identify and address misinformation on social media
  • The role HCPs and Digital Opinion Leaders have online
  • How you can support HCPs to tackle misinformation

This free-for-pharma webinar is useful for anyone in a pharmaceutical company who wants to learn from HCPs’ use of social media and understand the potential to increase accurate medical information being disseminated online. 

If you already have a good understanding of what is possible when listening to the conversations of HCPs online then please let us know then a 1-2-1 discussion with one of our consultants could help you plan the next steps you need to take.

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