On-demand Webinar: Marketing strategy for pharmaceutical product launch

When planning to launch a new pharmaceutical product, understanding your healthcare professional (HCP) customers’ views on treatments, patient needs and systems of care is essential.

To ensure the success of your launch, you need a strategy that addresses customers’ information needs and achieves meaningful, measurable behaviour change among HCPs and patients.

In this webinar, you will discover a marketing plan for pharmaceutical products and how direct customer intelligence gives pharmaceutical brands a competitive advantage by bringing them closer to their customers, faster.

You will learn how pharmaceutical companies are using direct customer intelligence from the online conversations of HCPs to support strategic priorities including:

  • Developing customer awareness of the availability of their treatment and its data.
  • Accelerating physician envisioning the need for their product.
  • Positioning their product’s benefits versus comparative treatments.
  • Identifying which HCPs are digital opinion leaders in their therapy area.
  • Understanding and responding to customers’ unmet information needs.
  • Developing and implementing resources to educate HCPs which will resonate with them.
  • Supporting medical and sales teams with timely resources and insights about customer needs.


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