On-demand Webinar:Oncology–understand the online HCP perspective

A better understanding of healthcare professionals (HCPs) supports your efforts to ultimately bring about lasting change in the lives of patients.

Learning from HCPs on social media adds significant value to your market research strategy and provides new, unique insights. With a vast and global network of active HCPs, oncology is one of the most discussed healthcare topics online.

We recently released a public study looking at pancreatic cancer specifically, in the US, to identify the needs and challenges of healthcare professionals in this therapy area, discovering what they think about existing treatments, how they anticipate new medicines, and what this could mean for manufacturers, customers, and patients.

In this webinar you will discover:

  • The scale of oncology-focused conversation happening online.
  • Oncologists’ conversations around pancreatic cancer and ASCO 2019.
  • How the digital behaviours we saw can direct your customer engagement.
  • How to identify and meet current unmet information needs.
  • How to engage and support HCP digital opinion leaders in this area.
  • How HCP views were shaped and shared over time.

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