Webinar: The beginner’s guide to DOLs

An Introduction to Digital Opinion Leaders

When: On-Demand Webinar

Availability: Free for Life Sciences Companies

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Mary Fletcher-Louis, COO and Head of Consulting, CREATION.co 

Mary Kangley, Health Insights Consultant, CREATION.co

Influential online healthcare professionals (HCPs) are changing the world of healthcare engagement. When a physician is trusted online, they can have a significant impact on the online perceptions of health stakeholders, medical practice, and ultimately on health outcomes across the globe.

Deciding how to identify, profile and engage Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs) is a process as unique as your own goals. To avoid disappointment it is important to consider, from the start, what you really want to achieve and how DOLs could support those objectives.

CREATION.co has been tracking HCP digital behaviour for more than two decades. We track the country-specific and speciality-specific trends in the digital activities of your customers. Based on the online behaviours of healthcare professionals we have discovered indicators to identify and compare DOLs, including unique metrics showing digital peer-to-peer trust and engagement.

Distilled from the 100,000+ hours of research into the behaviours of online health stakeholders, this beginner’s guide to DOLs webinar will help you understand how a HCP Digital Opinion Leader is identified and inspire you with ways in which you can learn from and connect with them.

After watching this webinar you will be able to answer:

  • What is a Digital Opinion Leader?
  • How DOLs compare to other influencers in healthcare?
  • What the benefits are of identifying your DOL?
  • The metrics to create your HCP DOL selection criteria?
  • How and why to engage DOLs?
  • The similarities and differences to running a DOL vs KOL campaign?
  • Examples of HCP Digital Opinion Leaders?

This free on-demand webinar is useful for anyone in a pharmaceutical company who is new to the concept of a Digital Opinion Leader, who hasn’t yet piloted a DOL study or has struggled to identify the right DOLs.

If you have already worked on Digital Opinion Leader identification projects and are looking to engage and activate your DOLs, we have articles, white papers and webinars that look deeper into this topic.

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