Author: Lara Meyer

Influenza season in the UK: brace yourself it’s going to be a fluey season

A study was recently conducted, investigating health care professionals’ (HCPs’) key areas of interest in the influenza conversation online from September 2016, until December 2017. Over 4,400 HCPs in the UK were involved in the discussion comprising of more than 17,000 influenza and flu vaccine related posts. With 236 mentions, a key area of interest amongst HCPs is the “bad flu season”. THE REALITY OF THE BAD FLU SEASON In 2017, Australia experienced a “bad flu winter” with a recorded 221,853 flu infections. UK HCPs are now showing concern that this bad flu season will affect the United Kingdom...

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Uptake of Twitter amongst HCPs in Argentina

As one of the most developed broadband markets in South America, Argentina has an internet usage of close to 80% of its population. The use of social media is also on the rise according to Globally, healthcare professionals (HCPs) are becoming more active online, so we can expect to see HCPs in Argentina adopting social media. Currently CREATION Pinpoint is tracking around 2,000 HCPs in Argentina, who have posted over 13 million times. At 32%, the largest proportion of HCPs in Argentina are based in Buenos Aires. When looking at the number of Argentinian HCPs on Twitter from...

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It’s a festive Christmas for Healthcare Professionals

Our 2017 Christmas card shares some festive highlights from the online conversations from healthcare professionals (HCPs). Over 200,000 mentions of Christmas were analysed over a one year period from November 2016. These conversations were among HCPs on public as well as private networks, in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish languages. Ontario Paramedics continue the tradition collecting food & gathering Christmas Toys & Gift Cards. Merry Christmas! — Paramedic Paul (@paramedicpaul) December 17, 2016 During this period, more than 22,000 HCPs mentioned Christmas. It seems that HCPs enjoy discussing the traditions of the Christmas period with 1,686 mentions...

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