Introduce your MSLs to HCPs using social media

Increasingly more teams are turning to MSLs to effectively facilitate communication between HCPs and pharmaceutical companies. We can work with you to expose your MSLs to the online HCP community, giving them valuable insight into customer behaviours and preferences and ensuring their customer engagement is timely, meaningful, and effective.

Train your MSL teams using local data on HCP behaviours

Use relevant data on HCPs’ opinions and behaviours generated from CREATION Pinpoint®, the world’s most powerful online HCP conversation insights tool, to help your MSL teams acquire the knowledge they need to have meaningful, focused conversations and to build strong relationships with HCPs.

Equip MSLs with tools to understand their HCPs’ needs and online influence

With the evolution of the traditional role of the MSL along with the increasingly digital healthcare landscape, we can help ensure your MSLs are equipped with an understanding of the tools and skill-sets required to discover HCPs’ needs and online influence.

Learn how to engage and activate opinion leaders online

The role of opinion leaders online is non-linear and not limited by traditional models of stakeholder engagement. We have extensive experience in forming successful partnerships with Digital Opinion Leaders to encourage positive engagement and subsequent activation, which does not occur by chance – please get in touch if you would like to learn more about how to engage and activate opinion leaders online.