The world’s first database of confirmed online HCPs

Use CREATION Pinpoint®, our powerful online healthcare professionals (HCPs) conversation insights tool, to track billions of HCP conversations worldwide in private and public social networks, so you can learn what your customers really think.

  • 3M+ HCP social media profiles
  • 2B+ conversations
  • 90M+ social media platforms and sites

Insights in any market in the world

Our powerful technology can track HCPs across the globe to provide you with insights from their online conversations in any market you choose. We can also identify which other countries are influencing the markets you are tracking, giving you a true picture of market dynamics. 

Insights in any language in the world

We use local market language specialists in all countries to ensure you are capturing the local nuance.

Insights specific to each HCP role type

With the ability to track a variety of HCP roles including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and allied health roles to name a few, we can classify insights specific to HCP role type allowing you to differentiate between differing beliefs and tailor communications accordingly.

Human sentiment analysis

Analysis of natural language in online health-related online conversation using our artificial intelligence platform CREATION Pinpoint® provides a deep insight into your customers’ views and opinions on your product, therapy area, or competitors.