Develop a deep understanding of your customers

Develop powerful brand advocacy and build a meaningful pharmaceutical brand with a deep understanding of your customers using our unique tool, CREATION Pinpoint®. Ensure a successful launch by listening to their online conversations, allowing you to maximise awareness, confirm advantages, and develop healthcare professional (HCP) advocates.

Start early with awareness and advocacy

Launch preparation is vital; it’s never too early. HCPs talk about trials and data and start to shape the online perception of a brand very early on. We have extensive experience at this lifecycle stage, a time when  developing a positive conversation about your product through strategic communication and identifying and leveraging Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs) who are advocates of your product are valuable to your launch strategy.

Address unmet needs and differentiate from competitors

Understanding HCP conversations in your therapy area using insights gathered with CREATION Pinpoint® will give you great insight into their needs and how you can support them as a pharmaceutical company. By realising your customers’ concerns we can provide solutions to address their unmet needs with your product benefits to truly differentiate from your competitors.

Discover the HCP influencers who matter to you

HCP online conversations can shape the success of your drug’s launch and set its course for the decades that follow. By leveraging the CREATION Pinpoint® technology, you can identify the DOLs who matter to you and, with our expertise, build successful collaborations with them such that they support the development of the environment for future market access activities.

Accelerate market access

Market access is a topic that HCPs are passionately engaged with. Our extensive expertise in insights-led healthcare strategy can help you understand the online conversations with multiple key stakeholders to provide you with early intelligence into the most likely outcomes during policymaker discussions, as well as evidence to shape your application to achieve a more favourable outcome.

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