Detect important drug safety concerns

There are more and more healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients turning to social media platforms to share their medical experiences, good and bad. Therefore, there is an enormous amount of data that you can tap into to gain invaluable drug safety profile insight, inform product decisions, and improve patient safety. At, we use the latest advancements in social media analysis to quickly identify drug safety signals specifically related to your product.

Drug Safety Monitoring

Understand how much of the online conversation relates to side effects

Establishing the level of conversation around side effects is an essential tool in understanding how your market is perceiving your product. By tracking online product conversations using our award-winning CREATION Pinpoint® platform we can gain insight into how much of the HCP and public conversation relates to side effects.

Uncover real-world patient experiences

Using our established methodology, at we can reveal real-world patient experiences, by accurately isolating individuals who have taken or prescribed your product versus those simply talking about it. Furthermore, we can gather data and insights on the use of your product in particular patient groups, including off-label use.

Drug Safety Monitoring #2

Identify little-known side effects

Social media provides huge potential for collecting real-world evidence for drug safety monitoring and beyond. With our global database of 3M+ verified HCP online profiles, you can listen to the online conversations HCPs and patients are having about their experiences with your product. By using the latest advancements in social media analysis, we can help you uncover little-known, or rarely reported side effects of your product.

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Respond with agility to emerging drug safety issues and risks

By leveraging our unique HCP conversation insight-gathering technology CREATION Pinpoint®, you can learn about and react to emerging issues and risks associated with your product in real time. This allows you to always have a finger on the pulse of the online drug safety conversation, and if needed, to plan an appropriate intervention or strategic response to help the healthcare community.