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Use online research to support safety signal detection and evaluation

Social media provides us with the resources required to gain drug safety profile insight, inform product decisions, and improve patient safety and experiences. We use the latest advancements in social media analysis to quickly identify safety signals relating to your product and evaluate the associated context.

Drug Safety Monitoring

Understand how much online drug conversation relates to side effects

Establishing the level of conversation around side effects is an essential tool in understanding the perception of your product. By investigating online product conversations, we can develop insight into healthcare professional (HCP) and patient opinions and sentiment towards side effects.

Uncover real-world cases and how your drugs are being used

CREATION.co has the methodology to accurately isolate individuals who have actually taken your product versus those simply talking about it, to distil individual real-world patient experiences, and to gather information on product use in particular patient groups, including off-label use.

Drug Safety Monitoring #2

Discover little-known side effects

Social media provides huge potential for collecting real-world evidence for drug safety monitoring and beyond. By using the latest advancements in social media analysis, we can help you discover little-known side effects of your product.

Respond with agility to emerging issues and risks

By leveraging our unique HCP conversation insight-gathering technology CREATION Pinpoint®, you can quickly learn about emerging issues and risks associated with your product and plan an appropriate intervention or response.