A day in the life of CREATION.co’s Winning Analyst Team – BHBIA BOBI Awards 2023

12.06.2023 | News

A day in the life of CREATION.co’s Winning Analyst Team – BHBIA BOBI Awards 2023

By Natalie Verghese and Cameron Bassindale

The CREATION.co Insights Team is proud to have won 2023’s BHBIA BOBI Award: Analyst Team of the Year. The 24-hour research project started by making sure they were well equipped with snacks for the day. The team arrived bright and early to the office to read over the brief together and then proceeded towards brainstorming the five key themes their research would focus on and pursue. 

Storytelling is an art and CREATION.co’s Insights Team are experts at transforming data into a cohesive and articulate story that draws out the answers to the questions being asked. Jamie Doggett, Associate Director of Insights reflected: “I love working with my team of analysts but this kind of experience is extra special. Putting all our collective thinking, analytics wizardry and data storytelling together in a room for a limited time window meant we could achieve something significant and have a lot of fun doing it!”

The team made full use of the different spaces and meeting rooms within the office, separating to work in pairs on their assigned tasks but constantly reconvening to bounce ideas off each other, breakdown problems and make sure they remained focused on the goal at hand. 

Mary Kangley, Health Insights Consultant had this to say on the competition, “It’s been so great to have a focused day with the team to really dig into the challenge. It took a lot of collaboration, exploring new data sets and brainstorming but we’re very pleased with the output!”

Lunchtime came around sooner than expected where the team gathered together in the breakout area around a meal to detach from the competition and enjoy light hearted conversation. 

Francesca Gan, an Insights Analyst, reflected that the competition “pushed my brain to the limit(!) but it also showed that together the analyst team is capable of far more than I had been aware of. It was fun to put all the analyst capabilities I’ve built up so far to the test and to get to do it with such great people!” 

After a long day pushing through copius data, and avoiding tempting ‘rabbit holes’, the team submitted their presentation that evening. Insights Data Analyst, Mark Sullivan, concluded: “It was a great experience to take part in the 2023 BOBI Analyst Team of the Year challenge, the day pushed us to our analytical, team-working and caffeine limits. The day has helped remind me what a great team I have around me, with great thinkers and doers and I am thrilled with what we have been able to create together.” 

For more information on this research or about drawing out meaningful insights from healthcare data, please get in touch. Our award winning team of consultants and analysts will be happy to assist you.


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Natalie Verghese

Natalie uses her passion for social media, content and all things creative to educate pharmaceutical companies on what HCPs think and CREATION.co’s services.

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