Identify groups of HCPs matching known customer behaviours

Since the launch of CREATION Pinpoint® in 2013, we have been refining our methodologies for identifying and profiling the most relevant healthcare professionals (HCPs) in any given therapy area, anywhere in the world. We can help you identify groups of online HCPs matching specific digital behaviours important to you, by creating healthcare personas.

Enhance the views of your HCP customers through the lens of their online lives

By discovering who your Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs) are and creating effective engagement plans to build strong relationships with them, we can help you enhance the views of your HCP customers through their social media interactions.

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Gain a deeper understanding of HCP views on drugs, diseases, and therapy areas

Discover what HCPs really feel about product, diseases and therapy areas relevant to you – from burden of disease and patient concerns to efficacy, pricing, and therapy administration. We have extensive expertise in gaining a deep understanding of HCP views, which are vital to informing your healthcare and marketing strategies.

Digital Personas #2

Create enhanced digital persona attributes

Enhancing digital healthcare persona attributes such as digital content preferences and needs, preferred social media channels and attitudes expressed online provides rich insight to guide marketing campaigns, engagement plans, and digital experiences. Our in-depth analysis of the insights gathered from CREATION Pinpoint® can guide your digital persona attributes to facilitate accurate HCP segmentation and better target audiences.

Empower your team for targeted digital engagement

The healthcare strategy you employ to increase the chances of digital brand success relies on commitment from within – your internal team. Get in touch to discuss how we can support you with strategies for ensuring your team is empowered to adopt targeted digital engagement.