Discover HCPs’ response to the data released at congress

HCPs use social media to comment on trials and data live during congresses. By tracking this you can discover their opinions, needs, and concerns about your product and data. Insights generated by our team using our unique online HCP conversation tracking technology, CREATION Pinpoint® will inform your messaging strategy and aid in the development of content and resources that really matter to HCPs.

Congress Tracking

Monitor and learn from HCP digital behaviours and content preferences

Work with to identify the content that gains HCP traction before, during, and after an event so that you can determine when and how to share online resources or release announcements. HCP congress insights inform the development of a diverse, yet focused, content stream that can engage HCP customers beyond the congress exhibition hall.

Learn which sources HCPs are referencing

As articles, publications and journals are shared extensively during congress,  find out which are most engaged with by HCPs, in order to work on tactics to amplify the content that you are planning to release around the time of meetings. 

Congress Tracking #2

Identify the HCP influencers who matter to you

Identifying the HCPs who are Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs) during congress can give you an insight into how HCPs are actively influencing the conversation within your therapy area and how you can build meaningful relationships with them. Leverage our specialist experience to discover those HCPs who are influencing their peers through their online conversations and profile them according to what matters to you.

Capture HCP engagement and learn for future events

Each congress meeting allows for learning to support marketing planning and strategies for future events. Outputs from our unique technology CREATION Pinpoint® allow analyses of HCP engagement before, during and after congress, and how this then goes on to influence the nature and tone of the evolving conversation beyond the event.