Maximising scientific data to drive advocacy for label expansion

The Challenge

The client was launching into a new indication and needed to maximise the impact of scientific data and drive advocacy among eHCPs for the use of a specific drug class in a cardiovascular indication.

They wanted to identify the Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs) who were driving the online conversation around HF. They wished to identify opportunities to more effectively support the DOLs and eHCPs at large.

The Solution

Following workshops that uncovered the client’s key challenges, using using CREATION Pinpoint® to cut through the noise, 123K posts from over 20K eHCPs were analysed to discover what they cared about, their reactions to scientific data and the barriers to prescribing.

The most relevant DOLs were identified with their digital behaviours, perceptions, needs and motivations outlined. Through an EXPLORE workshop the team were able to review the findings, segment the DOLs and create personalized action plans for engaging them.

Key Outcomes

  • Identified a key stakeholder group, nurses, that the client wasn’t aware of that were influential and gave new opportunities to drive advocacy, including at congress.
  • Where there wasn’t lots of differentiation in the data, it was highlighted that data on a particular ethnic subpopulation was of higher importance to HCPs.
  • The team was empowered with a greater knowledge of HCP engagement, new DOLs were identified, the majority of which they had no existing relationship with and engagement tactics were developed and actioned for each of their DOLs. This included creating opportunities for collaboration between DOLs.

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