Our Story

CREATION.co provides insights-led health strategy to inform planning, communications and policymaking among some of the world’s largest healthcare companies, government organisations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

Created in 1998, CREATION.co has worked with almost all of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies and we are proud that many of these remain to be our existing clients today.

This is made possible through CREATION Pinpoint®, the world’s largest artificial intelligence (AI)-powered global database of more than 3 million healthcare professionals’ social media profiles, analysing the collective intelligence of almost 2 billion social media posts by professionals on the front lines of healthcare.

Alongside our own database, we are able to analyse data from other sources that, when packaged together, creates a truly valuable view of healthcare professionals’ (HCPs’) opinions, concerns and behaviours across the globe.

In 2012 we launched the term Digital Opinion Leader (DOL), and we have been leading this area of HCP insight expertise ever since. The CREATION.co team continue to be the go-to experts for bespoke and creative solutions using insight-led health strategy. 

We pride ourselves on delivering business solutions. What we do is not just about data lists and presentations; we deliver actionable insights to achieve business objectives.

From our global offices in Maidstone (UK) and New York (US) we love to meet with clients and those interested in our work, and to connect with others who share our vision and values.

If you would like to find out more about us or would like to speak to us about a specific challenge you are facing, please do get in touch.

Our Vision & Values

Through our work in the healthcare sector, we will bring positive change to systems that affect nations’ development and people’s lives, whether in health, education, government, or finance.

We choose to work with clients that do, or have the potential to, positively influence national and global systems.

By choosing to work with us, WE WILL:

  • Help you (our clients) to solve the challenges you face corporately and as individuals, to build and strengthen systems and personal relationships, so that you can succeed in making a positive difference
  • Strive to keep our relationships – with each other and our external stakeholders – strong and constructive
  • Look for good and celebrate it
  • Produce excellent work and constantly seek to learn and improve

As a company we give 51% of our retained profits away, both through financial donations and ‘in kind’ work, to support organisations and individuals who are doing good work aligned with our vision.

CREATION.co’s values are represented by three words: LOVE. SERVICE. EXCELLENCE.

These values form our core and are at work within each of us, both individually and as a team. They are what we as the CREATION.co family live by and as such, this is what we expect you to experience when working with us.

Our team is made up of award winning analysts, healthcare strategy specialists, technological innovators and more

Abel Thomas

Research Analyst

Aman Jandu

Research Analyst

Anni Neumann

Director of Health Strategy

Ben Stott

Research Analyst

Benjamin Moore

Associate UX Researcher

Bernard Groen

Senior Director - Consulting & Research

Daniel Ghinn

Founder & CEO

Doménica Carpio

Graduate Analyst

Eden Daniel

Graduate Analyst

Francesca Gan

Research Analyst

Hannah Ghinn

Executive Assistant

James Docherty

Head of Technology

Jamie Doggett

Associate Director of Research

Jerin Thomas

Associate Consultant in Health Strategy

Jessica Fernandes

Graduate Analyst

Joanna Ghinn

Founder & COO

Katie Kennedy

Head of Client Learning and Support

Luke Wilson

Associate Head of Digital Marketing

Mark Lawrence

Chief Strategy Officer

PJ Palomaki

Digital Strategy Consultant

Samuel Ghinn

Creative Assistant

Sini Salim

Associate Consultant in Health Strategy