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Understanding the reasons behind low medical cannabis prescription rates

The analysis from Creation Healthcare offers insight into key events and factors driving the online conversation over medical cannabis prescription among healthcare professionals over the period, such as the impact of EU-UK trade restrictions disrupting the supply of medical cannabis from the Netherlands in early 2021.

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Meet the women at the forefront of digital oncology

The women chosen by Creation Healthcare are established opinion leaders and women with emerging influence. They hold a range of professional roles, ranging from directors of eminent institutions to younger oncologists. Several metrics were used to evaluate DOL status, including volume of activity, the reach of and engagement with content, the strength of their healthcare professional (HCP) peer network and the level of trust and two-way collaboration with peers online.

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5 women at forefront of oncology digital space

One intention is to “[recognize and celebrate] the women and girls who are championing the advancement of transformative technology and digital education.”

In line with this goal, celebrates five female digital opinion leaders in oncology, all of whom use digital means to educate their medical peers, and achieve social change or optimal medical practice.

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2022 "Children's nurses among 100,000 who will strike next month."

“Analysis from Creation Healthcare shared with The Times shows high support for industrial action among healthcare professionals.
“The company analyses social media accounts of nurses, doctors and other health workers. Between October 8 and November 8 almost 90 per cent of tweets on the topic were in favour of striking, with only 1 per cent against.
“Daniel Ghinn, founder and CEO at the firm, said key events like industrial action by rail unions and the reversal of the additional National Insurance levy for the NHS and social care had “really stoked discussion” among healthcare professionals around industrial action.”

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2022 "Exclusive: Patient safety central in nurse strike conversations."

The analysis found more than 3,900 UK health professionals using their social media accounts to discuss potential strike action since the start of 2021. Posts on this topic have “soared” in recent months amid union ballots.

Online support for strikes among health professionals grew from 59% in September 2021 to 85% in September 2022, and many of those pressing for strikes were doing so because of fears about current “dangers to patient safety” within the health service.

These are the findings of new analysis carried out by specialist digital insights consultancy firm, Creation Healthcare, which explored conversations among health professionals on social media.

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2022 "New psilocybin data spark favorable social media conversation among HCPs in US"

Medical studies from as early as the 1960s have documented psilocybin’s potentially negative effects — typically “bad trips” (ie, experiences of fear or dysphoria).

However, an increasing amount of research has explored its use to treat drug dependence, anxiety or mood disorders. In some cases, psychedelic drugs such as psilocybin have been deemed less harmful than alcohol or tobacco.

An analysis of social media posts by revealed health care professionals in various specialties engaging in the online conversation about psilocybin, particularly with regard to studies

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2022 "Pandemic Saw Rise In Health And Climate Change Related Misinformation, Study Reveals"

‘Tackling the Infodemic’

The challenge is compounded by evidence suggesting that fake news stories relating to the climate have been increasing for a sustained period, and that the reach when each outbreak of fake news does occur is also growing.

This is supported by the study’s research into planetary health conversation online and internet users. The study shows the growth in the number of internet users globally and the number of authors and posts in online planetary health conversations. Despite seeing a reduction in the level of online conversation surrounding planetary health over the course of the pandemic, more recent figures point to a recovery and a return to the pre-pandemic trajectory.

Fears surrounding the growing ‘infodemic’ have prompted experts, such as Daniel Ghinn, Founder and CEO of Creation Healthcare whose team led on the research with GSK, to urge the healthcare industry to seize the opportunity to play a greater role in combating the spread of online misinformation

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2022 "OUR HERO How Deborah James is continuing to save lives after death as interest in cancer sites surge following death"

Research produced by digital insights company Creation Healthcare also found that Debs was able to engage millions of people through her toughest moments.

Spokeswoman  Mary Kangley said: “The enormous impact that Dame Deborah James has had, is clear. Ever since she was first diagnosed, her advocacy and awareness mission hasn’t just touched those suffering from cancer and their loved ones.

“It’s also resonated with the countless doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals treating cancer day in and day out.”

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2022 "Absolutely remarkable’: HCPs tweet excitement for study of dostarlimab in rectal cancer"

Calling the research “beyond impressive” and “absolutely remarkable,” HCPs took to Twitter to heap praise on study results presented at the ASCO Annual Meeting describing treatment with dostarlimab in a subset of rectal cancer patients.

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2022 Healio "DYNAMIC trial data spark Twitter talk about ‘future of patient risk stratification"

The potential for ctDNA-guided management to reduce adjuvant chemotherapy by half without compromising recurrence-free survival sparked interest on social media after a presentation at the ASCO Annual Meeting.

Fresh off a presentation by Jeanne Tie, MD, MBChB, FRACP, on the DYNAMIC trial, Healio and Creation Healthcare, a digital insights company, analyzed health care provider sentiments on the results.

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2022 - Health Europa "Medical misinformation: What can be done to tackle fake health news ?"

“Research has shown the inescapable influence of social media and the need for a coordinated governmental response to combat fake health news.It’s also shown that doctors and other medical professionals are pioneers and well ahead of governments and health bodies in the fight against medical misinformation, including around COVID-19.”

2022 - From Comment Central "World Asthma Day 2022: Environmental impact of respiratory care is key issue"

Commenting on the research, insights data analyst Mark Sullivan said: “Our latest research offers a variety of insights surrounding World Asthma Day 2022. It demonstrates how healthcare professionals and patients themselves are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental implications of different treatment methods and, where possible, ways to mitigate any detrimental effects.”

2022 - From News Medical Life Sciences "Research suggests Twitter as a powerful tool to drive awareness about pancreatic cancer"

Commenting on the findings, lead author of the report and Associate Director of Insight at, Jamie Doggett, said:

“The findings of this study are positive and significant. They indicate a high level of social media engagement in the pancreatic cancer conversation on Twitter among clinicians, patients, and the public. Healthcare professionals and advocacy groups can leverage this social media engagement to raise awareness and gain valuable feedback to create an ongoing loop.”

2022 - From Sickle cell society "New research reveals healthcare professionals are critical of health inequities in early diagnosis and treatment of sickle cell disorder"

Commenting on the findings, Francesca Gan, Research Associate at Creation Healthcare who led the research, commented:

“Our research makes clear that HCPs within the sickle cell therapy area are widely concerned with the issue of health inequity being faced by those of African or Caribbean descent across the world…With emerging therapies and louder HCP voices speaking out, there is hope that inequity within SCD will cease, and black minorities will receive the treatment deserved in this prevalent therapy area. Creation Healthcare has and will continue to monitor these conversations for the latest in what HCPs think about health equity.”

2021 - Nursing Times "Exclusive: Nurse pay ‘most discussed’ issue on social media by health workforce"

“The government’s decision to initially recommend a 1% pay award for nurses was the most discussed NHS policy issue among health professionals on social media over a year-long period, it has been revealed.”

2021 - European Pharmaceutical Review "Social media is transforming our understanding of drug safety"

“Daniel Ghinn of discusses the growing role social media analysis is playing in helping to provide pharmaceutical companies and health regulators with real-world evidence on drug safety.”

2021 - From TechRound "AI-Driven Social Media Analysis Reveals How Medics Changed Their Minds On COVID-19 Vaccine Mixing"

“Using CREATION Pinpoint®, the world’s only AI-powered and human verified global database of more than 3 million healthcare professionals’ social media profiles, Daniel Ghinn, Founder & CEO of reveals how social media and big data analysis is revolutionising our understanding of modern medicine.”

2021 - Diabetes Times "Leading diabetes social media influencers revealed"

“New research has identified the most active social media users who participate in the UK’s online diabetes debate.

From healthcare professionals to people with the condition, new analysis has disclosed the top ten individuals who have published the most diabetes related posts.”

2021 - From FE News "FE exam results triggered flashpoint in 2020 pandemic mental health crisis, study shows"

“A new study reveals the 2020 FE and Secondary exam results season combined with the start of the new academic year triggered a flashpoint of concern among doctors and other healthcare professionals (HCPs) regarding mental health among young people and the prescription of antidepressants during the pandemic.”

2021 - From Comment Central "World Mental Health Day: Pandemic Mental Health Crisis Flashpoints Revealed"

“The rise in rates of depression and the devastating toll Coronavirus and lockdown had on the nation’s mental health is well documented. The ONS estimates rates doubled from 2019 to 2020. But, for the first time, a new study by specialist digital healthcare insights and consulting firm,, offers us greater understanding of the drivers behind the rise in rates of mental illness.”

2021 - From FE News "World Mental Health Day 2021 – Exam results triggered flashpoints in pandemic mental health crisis, study shows"

“A new study reveals key flashpoints of concern among doctors and other healthcare professionals (HCPs) regarding public mental health and the prescription of antidepressants during the pandemic.”

Pharma Voice logo

From PharmaVoice Innovation issue 2015

“…until Creation Pinpoint, it was impossible to isolate the views of healthcare professionals, whose conversations make up less than 5% of health-related conversations in public social media, from the noise of the public voice…

…within the first six months after its launch, 20 pharmaceutical brands had signed on to use Creation Pinpoint, and by the end of 2014, 60% of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies were using the service”.

Scrip - Informa Pharma Intelligence banner

From SCRIP Intelligence article “Who’s Afraid Of A Tweet And A Pin?”

“Creation Healthcare filters social media content and zones in on what HCPs are saying about a specific therapeutic area. Ghinn tells Scrip that Creation Healthcare is currently is working with six of the top ten pharma companies and 20 of the top 50.”

“The idea of a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) can be used both online and in social media, but the problem is that companies don’t always know who their Digital Opinion Leader (DOL) is. DOLs are the people talking online about the pharma company but sometimes there is no direct relationship between the company and the DOL. Creation’s technology helps companies to establish who their DOLs are.”

Linked article behind SCRIP account login.

2022 - Health Europa "Social media – a powerful tool for elevating pancreatic cancer awareness"

” The research was pioneered by UK-based specialist digital insights consultancy, Creation Healthcare, working in collaboration with advocacy group Let’s Win! Pancreatic Cancer and leading medical professionals. The findings form part of a collaborative study published in March 2022 in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, a specialist digital health and open science journal.”

2022 - Healio "Beautiful, powerful moment’ and Twitter buzz after DESTINY-Breast04 data presented"

Eleanora Teplinsky, MD (@drteplinsky). June 5, 2022. Standing ovation for results of DESTINY-Breast04. This will change practice for 50% of patients with metastatic breast cancer. This is why we all went into this field. #bcsm #ASCO22.

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2021 - Diabetes Times "Top EASD 2021 online conversations revealed"

“New analysis of healthcare professionals’ social media posts during this year’s European Association for the Study of Diabetes congress has unveiled the key takeaways relating both to diabetes discussion and the event itself.”

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