Learn how healthcare professionals (HCPs) engage around events with Congress Tracking

Using our unique technology CREATION Pinpoint®, you can track the online conversation before, during and after congress to give you an indication of how HCPs respond to new data or content – whether your own or that of a competitor – and how this then goes on to influence the nature and tone of the evolving conversation beyond congress.

Create content that adds value to the conversation taking place

Offer HCPs something that will both enrich their experience of congress and prove useful beyond the event. Congress offers real opportunities for HCPs to push the frontiers of medical knowledge. We can help you engage with and add value to both the online and offline HCP dialogue, enabling you to move beyond your targets and metrics and contribute to better outcomes for patients.

Build anticipation among HCPs and develop an omnichannel marketing strategy

Developing useful digital content in advance of congress will build HCP anticipation for the event. Our expertise can help you to develop valuable content and to adopt an omnichannel marketing strategy to increase the chances of engaging with your customers across all possible channels and touchpoints.

Empower your Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs) and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) with training and resources

Empower your speakers, KOLs, and scientific thought leaders with training and shareable educational resources that will add value and enrich their experience. What’s more, have you considered helping your KOLs to develop their social media profiles? Please get in touch to discover how we can help you empower those online HCPs who are key to your brand.

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