Understand the evolving perceptions of HCPs

Discover accurate analyses of emerging HCP views on pre-launch drugs and track how opinions change over time, including the impact of new data readouts with CREATION Pinpoint®, a unique tool that gathers insights from a global database of more than 3M human-verified HCP online profiles.

Build your evidence of the burden of disease

Establish the value of your product by collating real-life evidence of the unmet needs and perceptions of its benefits and risks according to HCPs with CREATION Pinpoint® to support marketing authorisation and payor decisions about reimbursement.

Identify your Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs)

As well as mapping your traditional Key Opinion Leaders, it is important to also identify your biggest online HCP influencers who are well integrated into the online scientific conversation. By leveraging the CREATION Pinpoint® technology, you can track HCP digital interactions and identify who your DOLs are.

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Predict your market access outcome

Use CREATION Pinpoint® to stay ahead. With the insights gathered, we can help you understand the evolving perceptions, hopes and concerns of HCPs with an interest in your product’s therapy area and their reactions to scientific communications to ascertain early intelligence into most-likely outcomes of policymaker decisions.

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