Launching into crowded US market building trusted relationships with DOLs

The Challenge

A top 5 pharma client wanted to build meaningful relationships with US HCPs online to support haematology patients better through HCPs and organisations.

In a crowded space with multiple products and different messaging, they wished to identify and understand US DOLs to raise the company’s presence in the therapy area and to understand the real-time connectivity of their stakeholders in the digital space and understand their sphere of influence.

The Solution

CREATION.co ran an UNDERSTAND workshop to explore the company’s business questions relating to the relevant online HCP conversation.

Covering a 12 month period CREATION Pinpoint® isolated and analysed the conversations and networks of HCPs, identifying the most relevant DOLs.

In an EXPLORE workshop the findings were reviewed, the DOLs segmented and an action plan created for the client to effectively engage them.

Key outcomes from analysing 21K posts and 2.3K eHCPs:

Engagement plans for connecting with their identified DOLs were created, including panel discussions, reaching new audiences and PAG collaborations.

An area of educational support was identified for a key role type in collaboration with a new PAG.

This PAG collaboration led to the company’s first event live Twitter Spaces events, which was very well received by eHCPs.

The team had a clear picture on how to improve content effectiveness. One opportunity was to support HCPs who were creating ‘cheat sheets’ to keep up with all the new drug developments

US HCP discussion around patient needs focused on new products