Discover the 360° view of your customers’ opinions

Discover the precise views and needs of your customers about your product and its competitors, broken down by healthcare professional (HCP) specialty and location. Our unique collaborative offering means you can gain the full perspective, sourced from public and private HCP social media conversations as well as Sermo Conversations and Drug Ratings data.

Leverage the different activities and behaviours of HCPs on Public vs Private networks

HCPs’ conversations can vary greatly between private and public networks at any given time point and the triggers and initiators for conversation on the different networks vary. We analyse the conversation from both angles using our unique insights-gathering tool CREATION Pinpoint® to give you a truly representative understanding of HCPs’ opinions on topics relevant to you.

Identify who and where your advocates are

Leveraging CREATION Pinpoint® we can profile your HCP Digital Opinion Leaders. We will help you to gain a clear picture of product advocacy by HCP role and location and identify which HCPs are influencing their peers, so that you can develop highly relevant messaging and build HCP advocacy.