Each month, CREATION.co’s HCP Insight Tracker updates bring you the latest insights into the online healthcare professional (eHCP) conversation regarding Top 50 Pharmaceutical companies, product approvals and respiratory disease. You can keep up to date with these updates here or through registering for our monthly eJournal with all of our latest HCP insights and educational resources.

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  1. Our vision to transform nations is underpinned by love, service, and excellence and is delivered through our highly specialised CREATION.co family  
  2. Our expertise revolves around solving your specific problem(s) and, as such, we tailor all of the armoury required to ensure a bespoke offering 
  3. CREATION.co represents a heritage of pioneering in healthcare with a history of innovation enabling us to remain at the forefront of insights-led health strategy


CREATION Pinpoint® is the world’s largest healthcare professional database. It was the world’s first database of confirmed online HCPs. Use our powerful online conversation insights tool to track billions of HCP conversations worldwide in private and public social networks, so you can learn what your customers really think. 


Currently, we analyse:

3M+ HCP social media profiles

2B+ conversations

90M+ social media platforms and sites


Our clients are often large global pharmaceutical and healthcare organisations that require insights-led health strategy to solve a problem. In fact, we are proud that most of the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies have worked with us in the last 5 years across various projects and therapies and of those, lots of them continue to work with us on a regular basis.


CREATION Pinpoint works on an algorithm that identifies potential HCPs based on who they are following, who is following them, the write-up in their profile, the language they are using plus a host of other metrics. We then have a team of expert data quality analysts who manually review these HCPs and, with some desk research, confirm if they are/aren’t HCPs. If they are HCPs, they go into our CREATION Pinpoint engine, which means that when we look at conversations happening on public social media about a particular topic, say diabetes, we filter it through CREATION Pinpoint so we end up only seeing conversation HCPs are having around this topic.

In terms of private networks we work with platforms like Sermo which verifies all its members to ensure they are doctors.


We have NDA agreements in place with our clients so projects are highly confidential. However, we have a series of anonymised case studies which can be found here.


With the ability to track a variety of HCP roles including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and allied health roles to name a few, we can classify insights specific to HCP role type allowing you to differentiate between differing beliefs and tailor communications accordingly.


CREATION.co provides HCP insights in all therapy areas. Having been experts in this field for over 20 years, we have case studies and examples in almost all therapies.


CREATION.co provides HCP insights in any Language in the world. We use local market language specialists in all countries to ensure you are capturing the local nuance.

For knowledge engineering and search, all keywords are entered in their native language and English. This process is repeated for each region in which we operate, and keywords are translated by real people. For content translations (blog posts, tweets, etc) all translations are done by human translators, either from within our team or through third-party translation partners.


CREATION.co provides HCP insights in any Market in the world. Our powerful technology can track HCPs across the globe to provide you with insights from their online conversations in any market you choose. We can also identify which other countries are influencing the markets you are tracking, giving you a true picture of market dynamics.